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History of the red ball express

To the best of my knowledge the letters on the patch stand for: Transportation Corps Motor Transport Service

Facts About the WWII Red Ball Express:

In August of 1944 Patton’s Army broke through the German
lines, advancing rapidly, moving faster than the supply lines could keep up
Trucks and drivers from every available unit were pressed
into service

25 Aug 44- The legendary Red Ball Express began operations
with over 3,000 trucks

Freight was picked up at St. Lo, near the Normandy beaches, and transported as fast as possible to Chartres, to supply the 1st Army or to Dreux for the 3rd Army

The trip was a 700-mile round trip

The first month, the express delivered 290,000 tons of
supplies to the front

At its peak, the Red Ball Express operated 5,958 vehicles
and carried 12,342 tons of supplies to the front

Trucks rolled 24 hours a day

Any truck that broke down was pushed to the side of the road, repaired in place by roving repair teams, and re-joined the convoy as soon as possible, and re-joined the convoy as soon as possible

“Red ball” is an old railroad term meaning “priority freight”

Trucks of the Red Ball Express displayed red ball insignia, which gave them right-of-way over other traffic

The Red Ball Express ran 81 days, until terminated in November 1944