Important Miscellaneous Information

Vending or selling of items and equipment: There is no practical location for this activity. However, if you have something in or on your convoy or tow vehicle for sale you’re welcome to make it known.

Uniforms: None are required. You are welcome to wear any uniform you desire as long as it is in a respectful manor regardless of what nationality it may be.

Dress Code: None, however, common sense is the rule. Many of you will be travelling in open vehicles. Plan for changes in weather as it is spring in the Ozarks and the weather can change. Dress in layers as it will likely be cool in the morning and can be considerably warmer in the afternoon. You may want to wear eye protection in the form of glasses/goggles. Bring a poncho or rain gear in case.

Weapons: De-milled weapons are welcome. Functional weapons and firearms are not necessary. Do not bring functional weapons on the convoy. Dummy weapons and ammo are fine. Personal weapons, knives, bayonets and similar items can cause problems so please leave them behind.

Fueling: Be sure your convoy vehicle is fueled prior to the event. Plan on having a range of at least 125 miles. If you have a jerry can it would be a good idea to have some petrol in it just in case and for those that didn’t read this. All vehicles, with the exception of a motorcycle should have adequate range to make the entire route without making a fuel stop. There will be opportunities to refuel along the way if we do find it necessary.

Safety: Is of utmost concern. You know your vehicle better than anyone. Keep adequate distance between you and the vehicle ahead to allow for safe stops. Wear safety glasses or goggles if necessary. Stray gravel, road debris and foreign objects on the route are always possible. We suggest you have water for drinking in your vehicle. Snacks or any medications you may require should be available in your vehicle as well.

Vehicles: All vehicles must be military. They can be from any military from any nation of any era but they must be military. Vehicles should be equipped with a functional fire extinguisher that has been recently checked. Remember, dry chemical fire extinguishers have a tendency to settle over time. Make sure they will function if called upon. If you have chocks for your vehicle, particularly larger vehicles- bring them.

All the usual reminders: check oil, lights, brakes, tires, etc and fuel up prior to the convoy’s departure. Keep items secure in your vehicle as well as any empty water bottles, candy wrappers, etc. We don’t want anything blowing out of your vehicle for the vehicle behind you to run over or get hit with. The only evidence of our passing should be good memories and photographs.

Weight: If there are any weight restrictions or any clearance restrictions, a notice will be posted.

Passengers: In the event you are hitching a ride in someone else’s vehicle please be mindful of their vehicle. Take care to enter and exit the vehicle carefully and not have any pens, pencils or other items in your pockets or on your person that may scratch paint, puncture seats or do other damage.

Assembly: Convoy participants (drivers in particular) must be in the assembly area no later than TBA. Vehicle line up will begin will begin at TBA. Drivers should be in or next to their vehicles no later than TBA. Please do no line up until directed to do so or drive around the assembly area. This will assist in an orderly and safe departure.

Communications: Designated convoy vehicles will have vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Keep in mind, we’re in the hills and radios don’t always work well. Stay alert and keep an eye on the vehicle ahead and behind.

Convoy Order: the convoy order is pre-planned as much as possible. Squad leaders will direct you. You will have a designated position in the convoy. We try to accommodate everyone as much as possible. Please try to maintain this order throughout the convoy.

Convoy Speed: will vary but maximum should be about 40 mph. Please be aware of the vehicle ahead and behind you. Don’t follow too close and do try to allow enough space behind you particularly when approaching uphill grades to allow large vehicles to retain a little momentum. Avoid stopping on uphill grades if at all possible. If you see a vehicle stopping it is better to stop at the base of a hill rather than on it.

Remember:  Spacing and road manners: on sections of the route on two-lane roads leave enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you for civilian vehicles to safely pass. On four lane roads close up spacing and keep to the right. The only time we will travel in the left lane of four lane roads will be when approaching a left hand turn to another road. Try to maintain your speed as consistently as possible to avoid vehicles having to constantly adjust their speed. Some of this is unavoidable but if we can keep this to a minimum it will be helpful.

Vehicle licenses and insurance: All vehicles must be properly licensed and insured for travel on public roads. Please have these documents on your person or in your vehicle at all times during the convoy.

Breakdowns: we aren’t planning on having any!! However, please stay with your vehicle until help arrives and arrangements have been made. Make sure your vehicle is off the roadway if possible. If it is impossible to move the vehicle off the roadway dismount the vehicle and wait in a safe area. In order to avoid as many mechanical issues as possible please check fuel, oil & coolant levels and tire pressure as well as general function of the vehicle as thoroughly as possible before the convoy assembles.

Security: Sad to say but I must also mention that you should have some means of securing your goods as well as your trailer while parked at the hotel. Items like fuel cans, pioneer tools, the trailer itself, etc. If you do not have a trailer lock I would suggest obtaining one or at least a length of chain and a padlock. I know some of you have made provisions for your vehicle to be secure as it was likely designed to be started without keys. For those of you who have not please take that into consideration in how/where you park and perhaps bring a chain and lock for your vehicle itself.

Weather: Be prepared for any type of weather. It very well could be quite cool in the early hours. Be prepared for rain and hope for sunshine. I’m working as closely as I can with the weatherman but I can’t make any guarantees.

Stops: We have a number of stops scheduled where you can grab a drink or a snack but if you want munchies along the way you may want to have those on hand prior to departure.

Photography: Bring a camera! There will be some good photos opportunities.