safety first

Important information *Please read all*

As with all of our events, SAFETY is of paramount importance. Please read all the information pertaining to the convoy. Please keep in mind the following points:

 * We will be travelling on public roads and therefore need to be mindful of civilian driver’s on the road- some of whom may have never seen a military convoy before and therefore we all need to be looking out for them.

 * Our convoy is growing in both size and scope.

 * The variety of vehicles we have in our convoy is impressive, however, this requires more attention to detail and even more emphasis on SAFETY.

 * In this day and age of cell phone communication, texting, IPod ear phones, etc. it is imperative you drive defensively.

 * Please check and prepare your vehicle ahead of time. Check fuel levels, coolant, brakes, lights, tires, safety equipment and general condition of your vehicle in advance of the convoy. Oh yes, and windshield wipers just in case!!

 * A driver/co-driver’s meeting will be held the evening before the convoy. Both attendance and your complete attention during this meeting are requested. I ask that you please give us your full attention during this time.

 * Bring some water or snacks with you to hold you over between stops along with a receptacle to put any trash in while you’re on the road.

 * You are encouraged to bring along veterans who may enjoy such an event.

 * You are also encouraged to bring along riders of younger generations. These are the folks we need to expose to this history.

 * This is a family-oriented event.

 * Live weapons are not to be carried. If you have a live weapon mounted please either disable its function (i.e. remove the bolt, firing pin, etc) or remove it.

 * PLEASE make every effort to have your registration in as early as possible.

 * Did I mention SAFETY?

 * Pray for good weather but be prepared for poor weather. Conditions can change quickly as well. We suggest you be prepared for cooler temperatures and rain.

 * There are some very picturesque spots along the way so be sure and bring your camera.

 * Bring any era military vehicle- there will be some steep grades

 * Uniform is not required, but would be appreciated for the era of your vehicle

 * There are planned stops at points of interest and to visit