Master Cylinder by Jerry Gardiner (07 Sep 12)

Recently I rebuilt my brakes on my M151 that I am restoring. I replaced wheel cylinders, flexible lines, pads, and rebuilt my master cylinders and blew out all my metal lines and checked for leaks. After doing all this and bleeding the system, I could not get a firm brake pedal. It seemed I could not get the master cylinder to work properly even after I had rebuilt it. So after much frustration I ordered a new NOS master cylinder for this MUTT. Got it in and bled the brakes and still could not get it to work properly. So I took the master cylinder off, which is a big pain because it is built in a bracket and you have to remove the brake and clutch pedals to get to. I opened the master cylinder up and discovered that it did not have any seals or gaskets inside. No wonder it would not work. I took the older rebuilt master cylinder apart and put it's new seals and gaskets in the new NOS cylinder. Now it works fine. I did not know that they store and keep NOS master cylinders in storage without gaskets and seals. Always check your master cylindar before installing it. This will save you time and energy

Changing your MB/GPW Over to a Dry Filter by Dave Smith (12 Jun 12)

One of the parts dealers wants $95 for the kit you can get the parts for about $20 (No, not from me!). The filter is available at almost any parts car dealer but NAPA was the cheapest. (napa 2036 wix 42036 fram ca 3445 carquest 87036) I checked each of these and found the NAPA filter to be just under $5. This might be an item that napa will have to locate within their warehouses. The two sponge rings can be bought at a regular plumbing supplier, if you know what to get. The sponge rings are a plumbing part that is used as a seal for a wall hung water closet aka the john, the loo, the toilet, the crapper or any other you can think of!!! I bought mine at a local plumbing house, Falk Supply. I understand they have several supply houses around the state, one is in Hot Springs another I believe is in Little Rock. The part number is G-13-534 3/4 inch Sponge Closet Gasket. (there is a notation, rds-7756) I Bought these items and installed them in my jeep. It fits perfect. Spread the good word! (if any member wants details and numbers tell them to contact me ( , old arkie dave

Interchangeable Fenders by Jerry Gardner (05 May 12)

The fenders for WWII GPW/MB and M38 fenders are interchangeable with minor modification.

Hints and Tips by Jerome Casey (10 Jul 11)

I had a conversation with Kacy Craver about the spot weld cutter and I though others might be interested

1. Removing Spot Welds: Blair Equipment has a good spot weldcutter for less than $30.00 Cutter will leave the underlying panel intact. So does Eastwood: Just go to each web site and enter “spot weld” in their search box.

2. Sun Block for Tires: Aircraft Spruce sells Sun Block for Tires. For those of you who have vehicles parked outside or display items which stay outside this might be a good investment. You can also go to the manufacturer’s web site: Can be had in sizes from 16oz to 55 gallons. “Approved by the U.S. Air Force after extended testing in both the United States and Southeast Asia”

3. Items in 12v and 24v DC: Marine suppliers such as West Marine ( and Defender Industries ( offer many items in 12v and 24v DC such as refrigerators, freezers, electrical goodies and pump faucets (don’t require a pump or pressure to work- they will pump water themselves- for those contemplating converting an M109, or similar into a camper. They also are a source for vent fans, lighting, etc.

Civilian Parts for the M151 Series Catalog by Joseph Dutton, Jr. (24 Jun 11)

The parts I have listed are tried and a true exact fit by me for your M151 series MUTT and I will not steer you wrong either by just word of mouth both verbal and written by others or if a major modification has to be made to make it work. If a part is specificity to a certain series then it will state as such, otherwise will work on all The WIKI on the G838 list a lot of cross reference civilian parts to military parts but I have reservation about them because most go by word of mouth and haven't experience/tried the part. You can look at the web site at: If and when I do run across a civilian part, I will update this. I would have the pages laminated and also I would keep a minnie copy with your MUTT when you are out and about on events that take you away from home Brake Best Drum Brake Hardware Kit - Part # H7037 Note: (You will not use the wavy and horseshoe washers because these are for the E-brake system) No specification of vehicle make, year or model, but would be safe to say 1968 AMC Amkerican. A exact match except the adjuster springs. Just be sure that the spring part is over the star nut. Does 1 axel. -- Cost about $8.00 at O'Reilly's Wagner PAB301R Brake Shoe Set 1968 AMC American (note: these are for the rear and you will have 2 extra holes which is not used because these are for the 3-brake system, but exact match to everything else) Doe's 1 axel. -- Cost about $34.00 at O'Reilly's Motorcraft FL1A Oil Filter Fits basically any early 60's/70's Fords . -- Cost about $4.00 at any parts store DAYCO 81021 - Flexible Upper Radiator Hose A & B ID = 1.25 " x 9 5/8" Note: (The parts store didn't have above part number but did have the DAYCO 81031 WHICH IS 1 3/8" longer = 11" but will have to trim about 1/2" or so from each end.) Cost about $8.00 at any parts store. DAYCO 81171 - Flexible Lower Radiator Hose A & B ID = 1.50" x 17.50" Note : (Takes a little work but will go and is clear of any rubbing obstacles) Cost about $16.00 at any parts store. Duralast / Wiper Blade Part Number: DL - 11 Note: (You will need to remove the center pin and find a longer screw because the original is too short. Do not remove the "U" bracket from the wiper arm. If you can't find a longer screw as the same thread pitch then you will need to get a tad larger screw and nut and rethread the threaded "U" bracket. The "U" bracket will fit inside of the wiper blade frame. I found the screw and nut at Radio Shack) Cost about $5.00 at Auto Zone M170 SERIES STANT – 13078 180 Degree For a complete listing of what vehicles it will fit go to this web site: Type in the part number in the search box. I got mine at Advance Auto Parts Store for about $7.00 Perfect fit and plenty of clearance to open. So any 2.5” diameter flange will work. Picture is for reference only. Gasket Making Material. Most part stores have this item but will vary with parts stores and the manufacture / part number / size & price. If you go to: They have a good selection of various materials, uses and sizes.

Hair Spray Works Great by Jerome Casey (25 May 11)

Our deuce has a soft top which tends to shed tiny particles which fall down into the cab. Invariably, some of them blow around inside until they find their way into one of my eyes. To prevent this I sprayed the inside of the soft top with Vinylnet- yup, hair spray. I just coated the entire inside surface of the top. During the entire Red Ball Convoy I didn't have any trouble with stuff floating around inside the cab and the distinctive hair spray aroma wore off pretty quickly.

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Applying for a Bonded Title in Arkansas by Ron Naef ( Jul 2013 )

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